60 min - Boeing 737 Motion Flight Simulator Experience

60min Motion Simulator Experience
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Simulator: Motion Flight Simulator
Location: Sarasota, FL
Price: $149
  • With a full 60 minutes in the simulator you'll have the opportunity to experience what a commercial airline pilot does in the cockpit prior to wheels up. This includes pre-flight (systems initiation, configuration, FMC/auto-pilot set-up, etc.) pushback, engine start, taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, descent, landing, taxi to your arrival gate and shutdown. We'll also add some heavy weather to spice things up a bit.

    • Feel the excitement of taking off and landing a Boeing 737
    • Get a 15 minute pre-flight briefing from an experienced pilot
    • An hour flying as Captain, 15min assisting as First Officer
    • Bookings are absolutely essential.

  • Availability
    Seven days a week (excluding Christmas and New Year), subject to availability.

    Participant Guidelines
    Minimum age 12 and no other restrictions.

    After a 15 minute briefing, spend one hour in the simulator, at the controls and 15 minutes as a first officer. Please arrive a few minutes early to register.

    Numbers On Day
    Share the simulator with one other participant and co-pilot. Guests are seated in the (separate) cabin area.
    Dress Code
    No special clothing is required, just dress comfortably as you would for driving.

    Other Info
    Mobile phones must be turned off before entering the facility.